Warning to the Disciples of Jesus Christ

Test the Spirits and see if they are True!

1 Jn.4:1-6!

 Brothers of the Lord Jesus Christ: The Lord has shown me some very disturbing things about the triune UPCI, who have not come to full understanding of true Monotheism of God in Jesus, 1 Tm.3:16, all because they fail to understand the Father as the Holy Spirit seen in Jn.4:24, that is the Power of the Highest Lk.1:35, that was put into the seed without measure, seen in Jn.3:34, that even John the Baptist already knew, being given the Spirit of Elijah, who did prepare a way for our God Is.40:3!

You are so right about the root of all evil that has gotten into the UPCI (Or any church of America), that has purchased their way right into mainstream ecumenicalism and it will not be long now that they too will give way and succeed right into the Pope’s Unity of Church and state. Mark my words!
There have been too many errors in theology going on in the UPCI (any church USA) for it to be mistakes; there has been an infiltration and a relaxation of standards working in them for some time, telling us we cannot be perfect as our Lord God told us to be Mt.5:48 and Eph.5:26-27, as they continue to preach their fivefold ministry programs designed to keep the laity under control and domination (The Nicolaitan effect), that Peter told us serve without being a totalitarian in 2 Pt.2:1-ffs, that many have already come in among us and are now working in the upper echelon!
Too many times I have listened to them always saying that we are to come back time and time again to repentance, which is not of God at all; as seen in Jn.8:11 and Jn.5:14 or a worse thing will come upon you as well! We are supposed to have the Almighty Power of God’s Grace His Favour in us to be able to not only defend ourselves against the attack of the devil and his demons but to kick them out of any region we are working in! We are to rule over them not they us! If anyone preaches any other doctrine they have already switched sides! But this mealy mouth mamby pamby teaching they have going around about continually sinning is wrong, totally wrong, we are to live our lives free of sin for the children of God keep themselves from sin, 1 Jn.3:1-10 and if we love the Lord Jesus with all our hearts we too will keep ourselves for Him in purity, Mt.5:8! Living in His words to us that cleanse us only if we use them all day long, every day! 1 Jn.5:18 tells us to, if we are a child of God!
They (the UPCI or any church USA) continually sell our salvation for the next missions offering, instead of helping our own, so that to me right off the bat is miss appropriations of funds and makes them less than an infidel, for not building more homes for the needy in our own areas and hospitals for our own people to learn Holistic medicine, instead of this garbage we are forced to take that continually causes more side effects leading to heavier medications into a vicious cycle of chemical dependency, that just fuels the Pharmacology companies and even our own government that has been bought out by them and turned own AMA, and FDA as well as all other agencies under their control!
We the American people have been sold for a pound of sugar, the highest cancer causing agent sold every day in our grocery stores; as well as other foods to many to call out by name, that are infected with man’s cancer causing preservatives!
Our Church of the UPCI (Or any church USA) is no different; money has corrupted here as well! Sorry to say, but the deeper I grow in Christ Jesus 2 Pt.3:18, the harder it is for me to sit and listen to one of their so called teachers behind the Lord’s pulpit, not an organization’s pulpit but the Lord’s, that they have turned into no more than a fund raiser foundation! I see less and less of truth being preached over its pulpits and to me it is just disgusting!
Here is another thing I heard the Lord say to me, in these last days, there will be miracles signs and wonders but if they teach a lie, their signs and wonders are provided by the adversary copying Me!
I looked to make sure it was of the Lord speaking to me and found it here in 1 and 2 Thessalonians; all the end time revelations are coming upon us with great rapidity, as it was in the days of Noah and Lot is all I hear today from our Lord, all I can say is get ready more now than at the first Rev.2:4-5!
The tares are about to get taken to the fire and the wheat to His barn!
Take heed listen to them brothers of true Christianity and if they preach any other gospel, they are cursed Gal.1:8-9. Listen with a tuned ear of a discerner of the Spirits 1 Jn.4:1-6, Jn.6:63 & 68!
For it is by His words we will be judged not those over the pulpit, Jn.12:45-50! Our words had better match up with His or we are going to be found a liar, Ro.3:1-4! Let God be true and every man who disagrees with Him a Liar! Listen well brother! To them and to me and see if there be any wrong in us and if so bring it to the churches attention!
Your Bother and Servant in Christ Jesus
Brother Gary L. Boyett

Written in the Last Days, 2/5/2016!